Employees Consulting and Employees Development by CAREXTERN

Are you looking for the right specialist for your vehicle fleet/motor pool?
Do you have a colleague who has an interest in continuing education as a fleet specialist?
In the Fleet business, it is often challenging to find competent specialists who suit your own business culture.

CAREXTERN likes to support you with the research, the selection, training and the personnel development in the segment fleet.
Because of our many years of experience in the fleet sector and our excellent network, we know the industry and candidates that fit your requirement profile.

Due to our market knowledge, we know the provider structure very well in Germany. These trainings can be done externally as well as individualized in your company.
This new model includes a lot added value for your company is based on our expertise and experience in the fleet market.

We enjoy looking for suitable specialists on the fleet market in Germany for you, based on a requirement profile created together. Due to our very good network of specialists, the response is targeted and without wastage.

The incoming applications get proved by us and submitted to a first selection process. Afterwards, we have personal discussions with the candidates and make a selection of those who are best suited for the vacancy. The result of our analysis is presented to you and you decide which candidates you would like to invite for a personal interview. We organize the invitation and the course of the discussions and are pleased to advise you, if you wish so.

If desired, our order does not end after the final selection of candidates. We are pleased to accompany the start-up phase as a coach and develop a training plan to start with you as well as training and further education measures.