Oldtimer Leasing by CAREXTERN

Business vehicles these days are leased to a large extent. However, leasing a vintage car as a company car is rather rare, isn’t it? There are a lot of advantages to the leasing of vintage cars.

Contact us, if you want to come to a decision in the case of vintage cars. We are directly and promptly available for you.

Very often it is required to make a decision at short notice. We are familiar with this decision-making situation and the associated time pressure and have the experience to initiate rapid settlement processes. Fair dealing, efficiency in processing and transparency are our motivation to achieve your satisfaction.

  • A leased vintage car is not in fixed assets
  • The need for depreciation and the valuation problem in the case of an exit from the company no longer apply
  • Special payment and lease payments can be considered as operating expenses
  • Private use is taxed using the 1% flat rate method on the basis of the historical list price
  • This value was usually significantly lower than the current purchase price
  • A vintage car is subject to only a marginal loss of value
  • Provided adequate maintenance and care is more likely to be an increase in value
  • After expiry of the contract, the classic vehicle can be acquired at an attractive purchase price