CAREXTERN provides you with the development and realization of an economic, contemporary and also sustainable mobility of your corporation. CAREXTERN focuses on the possible savings, concerning the processes as well as the acquirement conditions. We are always following our guiding principle: Authority based on operational experience!

We dispose over more than 20 years of experience in the automotive economy; core business corporate customers:

  • Leadership position at captive and non-captive leasing companies
  • Sales management for key account in the automotive industry
  • Long time assistance of corporate clients
  • Distribution experience
  • High quality advanced trainings measures at a leading producer in Germany
  • Great networking in the automotive fleet industry
  • Strategy consultancy of producer and importer as well as leasing companies
  • Distribution consulting in order to increase sales and to reach your sales targets
  • Qualification of field manager to improve their advisory skills
  • Successful composition- and development work with significant and sustainable sales results
  • Hunting + Farming, Key-Account Management
  • Operative and strategic distribution controlling

The executed projects in car dealerships, at popular leasing companies and constant advanced training in this customers section form our profile.

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