Training and Coaching

CAREXTERN creates primarily for the Fleet business segment

  • Training concepts for the area of distribution in the automotive trade for manufacturers and importers
  • Conducts effective training and implements effective organizational and personnel development measures.

In the business division “Fleet”, which is all about fleet competence, CAREXTERN, due to its many years of operational experience, has achieved great success and enjoys an excellent reputation.

Coaching inside Management

We vary from the classic definition:

  • Coaching for an immediate performance improvement of employees
  • Coaching as a leadership style to reflect leadership behavior
  • Executive coaching to improve management skills
  • Leadership coaching for leadership development

Systematic coaching and modern leadership are equally based on the main topics communication, confidence, responsibility and transparency. We would appreciate to help you guide through this way.

Training inside Management

We are also following the classic definition in this case. The term training, or to train, describes the process of a modified development. At first it was a synonym for “Training and education of horses”. Later on the term for exercise, which used to stand for some different nouns in german, was adapted from the English language.
Comprehensively convey complex contents and design learning processes. It is a challenge to present information simple and methodically preparing them as it is easy to understand for the learners.
We daily rise this challenge to ourselves and would welcome you to work with us.


The Fleet segment has a wide range of requirements, as there are virtually no traditional training occupations and training measures.
We conduct our events for entrepreneurs, entire management levels, teams, levels of function, and individuals. In addition, we offer numerous other company-specific subject areas. The training contents are adapted and adjusted to the requirements and needs of the company.

Training and projects can take place in German or English throughout the international area.